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Book medical appointments and services from the comfort of your own home with our easy-to-use mobile application.

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DoctorCare24 offers a wide range of medical services from routine checkups to specialist consultations, all in one platform.

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Our platform connects you with certified healthcare professionals, providing you with expert care anytime, anywhere.

Doctorcare24, the ultimate solution for your healthcare needs!

Welcome to doctorcare24, the ultimate medical service app that allows you to book a doctor online for premium services 24/7. Our app provides the convenience of online consulting with your personal doctor on your smartphone, making healthcare accessible anytime, anywhere.

Our app also features a smart medicine shop, ensuring you have access to the medication you need, when you need it. With blockchain data storage security, you can trust that your personal information is safe and secure.

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Our app benefits patients and doctors alike by reducing the waste of time and making it easy for doctors to respond to patients. So if you’re looking for a convenient and reliable medical service app, download doctorcare24 today and experience premium care at your fingertips.

We also offer services for sport clubs, providing personalized medical care for athletes. Our app reduces the waste of time waiting for medical attention and provides an easy doctor response for all your healthcare needs.

Your Pet is important with DoctorCare24.

Our veterinarians and staff understand the importance of the special bond you share with your pet and are dedicated to providing the best that modern veterinary care has to offer. Our ultimate goal is to keep your companion healthy and happy, so that you can enjoy each other’s company for many years to come.

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Intake form

Do you need information from your clients upon booking? With this custom feature you can ask your clients obligatory or non-mandatory questions or offer them to leave a comment. This helps providers to be prepared and perform their job even better.

Examples of intake forms could be the following:

a doctor may want to add a birthdate field and an obligatory treatment consent checkbox;
a private language tutor would like the client to select his current knowledge level in a drop-down menu.
But if you want to provide some additional treatment during a service, and charge for it, for example, add a styling after a haircut then you can try our Service Add-ons feature.

All intakes forms’ answers will be displayed in each booking details both in admin Calendar interface and in the detailed booking report. You can also add them to booking notification messages, sent to client and provider.


You can use the membership feature to restrict particular services to members only, offer them discounts, send them gift cards or offer them additional treatments.

The Membership feature can also function as a marketing tool. You can offer both discounts and treats to your members, as well as lower recurring payments if they become members. Please note, recurring membership payments work with Stripe everywhere except within the EU. With the Stripe payment provider, you can define an initial payment price with a lower recurring price, which will be withdrawn automatically from the client’s credit card.

Memberships can either be purchased by the client, from the booking page, or generated by admin in the dashboard.

Online payment

If you are selling services and products, this feature is a must-have.
It allows you to collect payments upfront, upon booking, so you and your client don’t have to worry about payment after the service is over. Incurring payments beforehand has been proven to reduce no-shows significantly.

You can accept payments via popular online payment processors such as Stripe, PayPal, and Square. Look at our full list of payment providers.
Even if you only accept offline payments such as cash or wire transfers, adding prices to your services allows you to better keep track of your business. You can monitor your most profitable services, analyse your company’s productivity and play with other interesting KPIs.

Accept payment feature is also important if you want to use other custom features to enhance your business such as organise sales campaigns, sell gift cards and memberships, offer your clients to purchase related products upon bookings and more. Please check our tutorial here on how to set it up.

Service categories

Make the booking process as smooth as possible with the Service Categories feature!

By grouping the services into categories, you will help your customers to find what they are looking for easily. An example could be a full-service beauty salon, where it’s useful to separate the hairstylists from the masseurs and skincare specialists. On top of that, you can add images and necessary descriptions to each category.

Services Categories is a must-have feature to organize a diverse list of services under relevant categories. If you also want to categorize your service providers this way, use the Multiple locations feature (just set the same address if everyone is at the same location).

Waiting list

This custom feature gives your customers the option to register for a waiting list spot on fully booked days. If someone cancels an appointment, applicants registered on this day will receive an email invitation to book the recently opened slot. Define in the settings how often each notification is sent and when you don’t want to fill the spot, i.e. if there is a short time until the session starts. See the video here to see how it works.

Loyalty system

The Loyalty system will allow you to strengthen the relationship with your clients! The way it works is that your clients will earn specific amounts of points with each purchased service. They can then redeem those points for a gift card with your business which they can in turn use to purchase your services.

You can also allocate some extra loyalty points to your favourite client, and your clients can log in at all times to see the status of their accumulated points. See the video here to see how it works.

Live Call

By adding Google Meet links to your bookings, your clients will receive an invite to a Google event within their booking confirmation. There they can accept it and add the meeting to their personal calendar. When the meeting is due, both you and the client can attend via the Google Link provided, whether it’s an audio or video meeting.

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Thank you for introducing me to this great service, I was able to book a visit I had been waiting for 1 month for the next day.

Great app, simple and easy to use, I should have found it earlier. top products

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